The Program

This Yoga program is the perfect addition to any school’s wellness and mindfulness curriculum. With a holistic approach to wellbeing, Bright Heart Yoga aims to be a recharge and refuge for teens.

Being a teen has probably never been harder than it is now. On such an atmosphere, the need to be in touch and remain close to our center, that place where our True Self resides, is essential. In the midst of chaos, we strive to strengthen our modern teen’s sense of Self.

Teens are also deeply preoccupied with the need to connect and express themselves. Their hunger for belonging, approval, attention and appreciation must be supported and nourished, hence an important part of this program is to create a safe space where the teen can get in touch with his/her vulnerabilities and intentionally receive much needed love and attention. We achieve this by playing games and doing exercises that nurture connection and a sense of belonging, both to the group and with themselves.

When the teen is suffering fear and anxiety or depression, a strong connection with the heart will offer a source of comfort and deep seated peace. This is where Bright Heart Teen Yoga starts.

The Tools

We use Yoga postures, breathing techniques, games and meditations to achieve our goals.

Our approach is non-secular and it integrates integral themes such as: mind-body connection, conscious breathing, self esteem, the power of thought, compassion, and self-empowerment; amongst others.



The Goals

  • To develop self-awareness.

  • To foster overall wellbeing.

  • To strengthen the mind-body connection.

  • To learn techniques for self-regulation (calming the mind and emotions).

  • To develop confidence, self-respect and self-love.

  • To increase imagination and stimulate curiosity.

  • To promote universal values such as kindness and compassion.

  • To introduce universal philosophy for empowerment and a positive world-view.