Moon Sessions

@ 7:30 PM on Monday’s


In a world dominated for years by the yang/masculine/sun energy - we are out of balance. As women, we have been pushed out of our nature and into a harsh reality that throws our balance OFF.

These sessions will help us to regain balance and navigate the natural cycles of our life: ups and downs, ends and beginnings, light and darkness, manifesting and letting go, relationships and aloneness, and many shades of yin and yang.

Our goal: to connect deeply to ourselves to empower and love ourselves more deeply by understanding our cyclical feminine life.

Location: Online



@ 6PM on Thursday's


This class will guide you on the focused practice of mindful breathing. Concentrating to deepen each breath, we will open up energy channels to ignite your inner fire and meditate to allow the energy’s intelligence to take over. Rebeca guides her students through breath to build the capacities of self-awareness, energy control, focus, and inner strength in order to let go of negative emotional patterns and help you create the life you want. Learn how to intensify, redirect and alchemize your breath as a gateway to something deeper you're yearning for.

Location: Modrn Sanctuary on 12 W 27th, 9th floor

Restorative Yin Meditation

@ 5PM on Friday's


A deeply restorative meditation into sacred feminine wisdom. These immersive and interactive sessions will restore and nourish your feminine body and heart. We will align our hearts, bodies, and minds with the collective feminine energy that is currently rising. Learn more about what it means to empower and nourish your Yin/feminine energy in today's hectic world. Detox your mind and heart of unnecessary burdens and come to love all the aspects of yourself which are thirsting to rise.

Location: Modrn Sanctuary on 12 W 27th, 9th floor