Private Sessions


Power in Grace
Finding peace and immense release

Discovering inner power and healing through reflection, subconscious awakening, Yoga, Meditation, and/or Hypnosis.

When a woman is at ease, GRACE fills her life.

Over the last few years I have been working very closely with numerous women who are leaders in their world. They are doctors, entrepreneurs, and art collectors who have everything any woman could wish for: success, money, relationships…

For these powerful women who can accomplish so much, it’s often difficult to find balance, and they begin to feel happiness, love, and health slipping away from them, impeding them from enjoying the fruits of their success.

Stress, burnout, emotional imbalance, physical disease, depression, insecurities, and confusion find their way into the lives of these beautiful women.

In my time with them, we talk about what is causing dis-ease in their lives and how to find peace of mind and heart. Depending on what is needed, we find healing by diving into the subconscious mind through trance in hypnosis or meditation, we practice breathwork and/or restorative, Hatha or Kundalini Yoga. These practices help them to connect deeply with themselves, to have meaningful insights, to find necessary energy to create the change they need, and to release subconscious debris which no longer serves them. The result is immense release, and a sense of Grace that fills their whole being.

When a woman remembers her true nature and begins to trust the wisdom of her body and the support of the universe, peace and joy find effortless presence in her every day life.

Exchange starting at $150. Please email me for more info on packages, discounts, and to schedule a complimentary consultation by phone.