Dear one,


Thank you so much for visiting my page! As I sit here writing this for you, I wonder what I can say about myself. The truth is, I'm just like any other human who is on the path of finding herself, and I want to tell you about how Yoga has helped me.

I was born and raised in a small town in Mexico south of the border of Arizona. Raised by a strict family structure under very tight religious beliefs, I grew up with clear delineations on how I was expected to live.

Following a conventional path I got a business degree, got married and by 25 I had 2 children and a life that felt like it didn't belong to me. I was following the guidance of my upbringing instead of following what I truly desired from the depth of my heart. I hadn't yet found myself.

After years of feeling a constant void in my heart I found Yoga, and my life started to change at an exponential rate. Fast forward to today, I have established roots in NYC, separated from the father of my children with whom I have a loving co-parent relationship, and I am the happiest mom of 2 spirited teens.

Yoga saved me. Nowadays, I practice daily Kundalini Kriyas and meditations because I this technology is the most potent, effective and powerful one I’ve experienced thus far. Kundalini as taught by Yogi Bhajan propelled me at the speed of light into my destiny. Kundalini Yoga is both my discipline and refuge.

My Sadhana (daily practice) has cleansed my subconscious of garbage that was blocking me, and it has empowered me to unapologetically and enthusiastically live fully as my authentic self.

Kundalini Yoga has given me wings! I enjoy a higher perspective, and connecting with people comes easily from the depth of my heart.

It is with great honor that I share this technology with my students, as well as other practices such as Restorative Yoga and different Meditation approaches.

Practice and its results look different for everybody. There is no one in the world who can’t practice Yoga! To begin you just need to be yourself. Nothing more is needed.

May you find your inner knowing and the light of your heart guide you, day by day.

At your service and in love,