Moon Sessions

An archetypal journey to Feminine Empowerment

Every moon cycle offers us an opportunity to become more confident in our own skin. The Full Moon, the Waning Moon, the New Moon and the Waxing Moon all have different energies available to us. Within these phases and within us, there are four Divine Feminine Archetypes: Mother (creativity), Enchantress (sensuality), Chrone (wisdom), & Virgin (independence).

Often, many women rule out the possibility of these Divine aspects because they have been taught to be afraid of it, or to scorn it as undesirable, emotionally unstable, or shameful. They have been thrown out of their natural power by the patriarchal desire to rule over them, limiting them to stay meek and accommodating.

Throughout history, women have fought to confront this. From the time when witches were burned at the stake, to feminism arising, to now: women continue to discover that they have always been extremely powerful exactly in those aspects that tend to be pushed aside by society, culture and religion. These aspects include but aren’t limited to her vulnerability, sexuality, sensuality, mysticism and most importantly the power of simply being her natural self.

A woman is her most powerful when she relaxes! Unlike the more masculine traits of working hard and strategizing linearly to succeed, women find their power in rest and holding space for their majesty, letting go of the struggle to achieve. This may sound contrary to popular belief, but a woman’s nature is to attract abundance and prosperity by simply BEING HERSELF.

But how do you do this in a world full of struggle, deception and competition? That’s exactly what we discover in these Moon Sessions!! What you can expect:

* Understand your Moon Cycles.

* Realize that you have the power to create the life you want to live.

* Learn how to access your inner Voice and Wisdom.

* Create rituals and practice meditation to manifest abundance.

* Gather tools for Self Love and Self Empowerment.

* Detox your heart and mind: let go of negative emotions, old patterns and beliefs that block your power.

Individual sessions starting at $150. Discounts for packages and groups are available.

Please email me for more info and to schedule a complimentary consultation by phone.

Sessions available in person and remote.