the rise and fall of our ego


The ego self is strengthened in childhood as a result of trauma: when those around us appear threatening, distrustful, unaware or negligent to our essence. Out of FEAR and in hopes of self preservation, our mind creates what is often called “an alter ego”, or “the shadow self” to cover and protect our 'neglected' essence. 

It is necessary to develop this ego self, a.k.a personality - to navigate the world we find ourselves in. But the ego selves that we create aren't who we really are, and by definition they have an expiration date. Ego selves are created with a specific task, and once this task is fulfilled, we will no longer need their container.

In order to realize ourselves and be FREE, we have to drop the ego, let it go!

The ego self is like a snake skin or like onion peels, and the more they peel away, the more we find our REAL selves, the essence which we truly are beneath all confines of the mind. To peel the layers away is life’s journey, and death is the final layer of the body falling away to free our spirits of the bondage of this lifetime in the world.

So how do we peel the layers off to find more freedom and feel more at home in our bodies and in the lives that we create for ourselves?

Yoga and meditation peel layers away as if by magic, as our awareness begins to constantly dwell in the present moment - eternity itself.

Other times we may feed our fearful ego self and let it become who we think we are until, at the end of its journey, when it's fulfilled its purpose, we will feel a part of us dying - and letting go of the ego becomes a conscious choice full of courage to face the unknown:

if I’m not that ego self, WHO AM I???

It is perhaps at this point that R-evolution begins, when we realize that we have the power to recreate ourselves more willingly, more wisely, more free.

What is the story of your life that you and others have created for yourself? Who are you in this story? How full of life are you in there?

I'd love to hear about your own ego's journey. Leave a comment. Send me a message.

I can't wait to hear from you... 



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