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Special Offerings


Moon Sessions
September 2018

Ever wonder why you're happy, outgoing, and full of energy one week and feel down and kind of antisocial the next? Having difficulty letting go of self-criticism, or your toxic relationship? What if I told you that your ups and downs are deeply connected to the moon cycles? What if we tapped into the cyclical nature of life to feel joy when letting go and ending difficult situations?

If you want to learn about your cycles, and practice yoga and meditation with women who will hold sacred space for you to heal, then this is for you.

Bright Heart Yoga
Yoga for Teens 12-19

This Yoga program is the perfect addition to any school’s wellness and mindfulness curriculum or afterschool program. With a holistic, non-secular approach to wellbeing, Bright Heart Yoga aims to be a recharge and refuge for teens.

When the teen is suffering fear and anxiety or depression, a strong connection with his/her heart will offer a source of comfort and deep seated peace. This is where Bright Heart Teen Yoga starts.

Private Sessions
A personalized Yoga and Meditation practice

Bring balance to your life and learn more about your subconscious patterns with these personalized sessions. Imagine a customized practice that considers your timing and specific needs, as well as your subconscious patterns and how this dictates your personality and tendencies, a practice that is exactly what you need.

These sessions will bring more bliss and love into your life by the practice of yoga and meditation. If you're craving for some real, deeply nourishing spiritual practice, please sign up for this. 



Connect deeply and intimately with your body.

Let us practice postures focusing on correct alignment, meticulous attention to the breath and an alert presence.

Yoga means to stop the fruitless fluctuations of the mind.



There is a center within ourselves that remains still regardless of the turmoil of our lives. It is from this center that we practice meditation.  

Mantra, Pranayama (breath focused), Journeying, Vipassana, Tantric and Vedic Meditation ... Together we can find a meditation practice that fits YOU.




The focused practice of breathing exercises will clear your mind, gather energy, calm the nervous system, deepen meditative states, refine postures in Yoga, etc.

A breathing practice connects you deeper with yourself, and strengthens the power of your Will.

Breath, which is life, takes your goals to a new level by connecting your body, heart and mind.